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We are a small family business based in the UK and France.


I have great experience in many facets of service and supply, I have spent over 40 years building up expertise in sales, supply, and accounting  in the UK, Europe (particularly France) and the USA. The other key family members are involved in arious aspects of the business including Hotel Management, Landscape Gardening and  General Building.


We also are experienced in marketing and sales and can assist with marketing your property.


As you can see from the photo "Gertie" is the only one with time to sit in the sun. She is also more photogenic than the rest of us.


Roger Emery


Having had the experience of living in France for 3 years and having enjoyed the wonderful culture, climate and food I have realised the difficulty of getting things done here, both for residents, and for absent rental villa owners.

We sell outdoor furniture both here and in the UK and have over 30 years experience in the USA, Europe and France both with the retail and wholesale markets.


We also send French food back to the UK for sale to the public and to hotels, restaurants and Deli's (see for details.


We have a vehicle coming out regularly and we are able to carry other goods back and forth as required at very competitive rates.


We have the experience and facilities to turn our hands  to most problems  that can arise.


We are specialists in Garden Furniture and having designed manufactured, marketed and sold it for 34 years we believe that we can successfully advise on the requirements for your villa


We pay Gertie (see photo above) to test all the furniture that we consider adding to our product ranges, She can instantly pick the most comfortable chair from 100 yards and can be on it within 3-4 seconds if pushed.



Breaking News


We intend to add a blog to this site in the very near future. We also hope to add a review of local restaurants.  Someone has to do it.

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