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The Lunching Lurcher - Who Am I?

I'm a Lurcher; Mum is a small Gordon Setter and Dad is a very young Whippet (well he was at the time and his minders didn't think he was quite ready to perform but he knew better). I love many things, my minder Jack, Minha, the rest of my family, birds I can chase, any dog that thinks it can keep up with me (they soon learn better), and food, not dog food but decent nosh, steak and chips, chicken, turbot, chorizo etc.

I am an expert on restaurants particularly at lunchtime and I feel that I should share this with other canines and their minders. I have asked Roger, my sometime minder, (also known as the Lurching Luncher) to add his comments; actually I can't stop him as I need him to type this for me as I dictate.

My first review follows shortly :-

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